About Us

Learn the what, who, where, why about the culture, values and people behind Smug Cat Coffee.

What makes us unique?

Smug Cat® Coffee Co Ltd represents a traditional Coffee, chocolate, truffles & hot chocolate e-commerce store, offering a traditional coffee bar / online shop . We love that we keep a tradition live with our brand. Our coffees are freshly roasted and packed in the UK; all chocolate products are Fairtrade, Organic certified and made in Swiss. 

The idea

Smug Cat® Coffee Co founders are passionate about all things coffee & chocolate. 

In recent times, we noticed that most chocolates, truffles, hot chocolates have additives, flavourings, lecithin , palm oil , vegetable oil sulphates and a lot of preservatives. 

So, the idea of a preservative and additive free brand was put into reality. 

We at Smug Cat ® have passionately curated a delicious, preservative free collection of high-scoring, environment friendly and sustainable Fair trade, organic coffees, chocolates, truffles & hot chocolate. We love the traditional coffee bar concept where there are guilt free treats available for enjoyment for all our customers and their loved ones. 

We take pride in our creation as it caters to a wide variety of consumers. From chocolate lovers to gamers to and coffee + chocolate connoisseurs there is something in it for everyone. If you love the aroma of coffee sans the flavour, why not try our finest Swiss Water decaf ? It’s the purest form of decaf coffee, unlike the usual high street coffees which are chemically treated. 

To feed your curiosity as to what really makes us different, we have written a few sentences to highlight our goodness.

We know all the farms where our beans (coffee & cocoa) are grown to a highest quality. We know and work closely with our amazing factories who turn the raw produce into a variety of delicious treats.

We’re on a mission to bring you better coffee, chocolate related deliciousness. Smug Cat curates the best specialty coffees from the country’s top independent roasters so you can enjoy the very best cup. Our chocolates are made in Swiss, known for the finest of chocolates.

Our Values

Our Principles

We are a people, earth and health friendly brand with a purpose committed to raising awareness about genuinly good products, such as:

Our customers

Smug Cat Coffee® Co consumer is a modern thinker, someone who enjoys looking after their well-being, is fun loving, passionate about the products they consume and  an everyday achiever.