Help & FAQs

Are any of your products artificially flavoured?

No.  What you see is what you get across the brand. To achieve such wonderful tastes naturally, we’ve perfected sourcing excellent coffee and all things chocolate, craftily roasting it to bring out the unique flavours for our brand.  

Do we support sustainability?

As we offer a selection of Fair trade and Organic coffees and chocolate products we are proud to say that our contribution towards sustainability happens through various channels. 

By supporting the Fairtrade foundation and the Soil association we join forces with our supply chain to enable everyone in the chain to operate to the highest standards of sustainability and integrity.

We try to do the right thing from knowing all the farms where the beans are grown to supporting farmers reach their desired goals. 

For those coffees which do not carry Fair trade and Soil Association certifications we are here to support the farmers to get to a stage where obtaining Fair trade certification and Soil Association certifications are affordable.  

A wonderful way our roastery makes an environment friendly valuable contribution towards improving sustainability is by “recycling” / “reusing” the heat generated by coffee roasting machines to warm all office space used by our teams.  

We only use environment friendly, 100% recyclable Kraft paper bags for our coffees. The only plastic used is a Freshness valve which allows for the sense of smell to be greatly satisfied once a whiff of the aroma reaches your get an idea of the coffee aroma anytime they want a whiff of coffee as soon as the coffee arrives.

All wrappers for our chocolates, truffle boxes are environment friendly too. 

Where necessary, other materials are used in the tiniest amounts (a button to diffuse coffee aroma) and some aluminium foil to preserve product freshness.  

We love coffee, all forms of edible chocolate and our sincere desire is for our dear customers to enjoy the fine taste of our products. 

Our intent is clear, support the planet and support fellow earthlings to live a healthy happy life.  

We hereby invite you to try our purrfect products! Trust us, there is something for everyone.


General FAQs

Fairtrade is a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient.

For farmers and workers, Fairtrade means workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay.

For shoppers it means high quality, ethically produced products.

Choosing Fairtrade means standing with the farmers who represent the start of any supply chain for fairness and equality, against some of the biggest challenges the world faces. It means farmers have the ability to create a much-needed change, from investing in climate friendly farming techniques to developing women in leadership.

With Fairtrade, we feel that there is an opportunity to change our wonderful world for the better a little bit each day. By purchasing Fair trade products, you as a customer are showing businesses that you support and believe in fair and just trade.

We are pleased to say that we do not add any flavourings, palm oil, lecithin of any type, preservatives or chemicals. We are 100% preservative free.

Puurrfect mornings for clients, customers, and employees

Looking for corporate gifts for employees in the office or those working remotely or clients? Infuse a purrfect start into their morning coffee ritual.

Choose from our deluxe gift boxes or monthly gift subscriptions to keep the coffee flowing. Our gift concierge makes bulk ordering easy.

Please send us an email at for further information.

Buying coffee, chocolates, truffles or hot chocolate for work: We offer bulk pricing for one-time special occasions. We have the ability to gift wrap, add personalised notes to your orders too. 

Please send us an email at for further information.

We love to support small businesses and therefore offer discounts on bulk purchases. If you are interested in stocking our coffees, chocolates, truffles & hot chocolate for your coffee shop, please get in touch by sending us an email at for further information. 

We would love to hear from you about your experience. We understand, experiences are very personal and we are keen to learn from your feedback. We at Smug Cat® take a lot of pride in the service we provide. When you contact us at, you will reach a friendly team of coffee and chocolate loving humans. You can write to us if you would like any help on purchasing any of our products. 

Our customer comes first and we do our very best to make sure that our customers are taken care of.

We encourage you to let us know when you’ve just had the best coffee, chocolate, truffles or hot chocolate of your life or a less than stellar experience. 


Our preferred delivery partners are Evri & Royal Mail for most of our deliveries. We do have other couriers and the delivery will depend on order value, weight and when a delivery is required by.  

We have created a small order placement and delivery schedule for your peace of mind. 
Order placementOrder shipment
Monday – Thursday before 1 pmIf order is placed by 1pm , we are able to ship it out the same day. 
Friday before 1 pmIf order is placed by 1 pm, we are able to ship it out the same day but depending on the delivery option the order will be delivered the following week. 
Saturday – SundayIf order is placed over the weekend, it will be processed and dispatched the following week on Monday.
Christmas and New Year order placement & delivery schedule 
Coming SoonRecommended last Tracked 48 dispatch date for Christmas delivery
Coming SoonBusiness as usual
Coming SoonBusiness as usual
Coming Soon

Recommended last  Tracked 24 dispatch date for Christmas delivery

Coming SoonOrders will be processed and dispatched
Coming SoonOrders will be processed and dispatched
Coming SoonBusiness as usual 

However, once your order is fulfilled and if it qualifies for free delivery your tracking number should automatically populate to the Order History section of your account. If you do not have an account, you will still receive an email once the order is fulfilled and the tracking number has been generated. 

Please note that once it leaves our facility, all packages are subject to possible delays from the shipping carrier. 

If for any reason you do not receive these updates, feel free to submit a request to

We know what a difference freshness makes. We have set up a system to get the products shipped to our customers as soon as possible. 

We ship via Royal mail Monday – Friday. For most national holidays shipping times are likely to be affected.   

As soon as you order online, we’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped. If it’s been 48 hours and you still haven’t heard from us, please let us know.

When we say next-day delivery we mean it – our delivery partner, Royal Mail, delivers 99% of our parcels on the following day if they’re ordered by 1pm. But this still leaves the 1% – and we’re really sorry if your parcel is late!

If there are postal strikes, we kindly request that you wait for 3 working days before getting in touch to allow for possible postal disruption. This means we can avoid the coffee and energy wastage of a repeat order and act as sustainably as possible. If it doesn’t arrive within this time, please let us know by emailing us at and our team of Customer service will be happy to resolve this for you.

As soon as you place an order, a few things happen:

  • You’ll receive a Thank You email which will contain your receipt.
  • Our team will receive your order and begin prepping
  • We try our best to ship your order within 1-2 business days. 

We ship to all UK addresses.

For international deliveries, please contact us at We charge a flat rate fee of XXXXX for all orders which are shipped to the EU 


All Smug Cat product packaging is recyclable 

We recommend that once the seal is broken, they are consumed in 3 to 4 weeks. 

Coffee can degrade when exposed to sunlight. It’s best to keep coffee in a well-sealed, dark glass or ceramic jar away from heat and moisture.

Otherwise, keep it sealed up in its protective bag. Whatever you do, don’t freeze it. The freezer may be a great preserver of many things, but your coffee shouldn’t be one of them. The fluctuating temperature and added moisture affects the oils and cell structure of the coffee and it ends up tasting like your freezer smells, which is not what we’re going for here.

Similarly, coffee easily absorbs the flavour of things around it. Take care in choosing a container to store it in (might want to rethink reusing pickle jar), and be mindful that storing near odorous foods, spices etc, may change the flavour of the coffee.

The best way to store any coffee is in an airtight container and away from sunlight and humidity. We also recommend grinding just enough coffee for the brew you are planning on making.

If you have not received your order in 3 days, please email us at with an order reference number and we will be happy to update you. 

Technical support

If you’re having trouble using a promo code or gift voucher, there could be a couple reasons for this.

Check to see if you’ve used a number “0” instead of the letter “O”, or if you have accidentally entered a space anywhere – this is the most common issue.

Some Smug Cat® promo codes have an expiry date. 

We recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the promo code carefully, to see if it is valid for use.

Coffee & chocolates are a personal preference. 

At Smug Cat ® we understand that our products may not suit all taste buds but our current options mean that there is always be something available that for you to enjoy. 

For our coffee, we are unable to accept a return if it coffee pouch been opened. 

We are also unable to accept any chocolates. Truffles or hot chocolates as returns. 

If you feel that a product that’s not quite right, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

If your payment has been declined, there could be several reasons for this:

  • Your card details have changed.
  • We haven’t been able to charge you the full cost of the order.
  • Your bank has rejected the payment.

If your payment is declined, the order will not be processed until the issue, if any is resolved. 

If you have any questions or need any help with payments, please contact our Customer services at:

If you’re struggling to log in, it’s likely going to be one of two things – you’ve forgotten your password or it’s the wrong email address.

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot your password?” button on the log in page and we’ll email you a link to reset it.

If you haven’t received the email within 10 minutes, it may be that we have a different email registered for you. Contact our customer service on to help get you logged back in.


Lost your password, forgot it, or just need a new one? No problem! Simply enter your email address on this page to receive a password recovery email. If you’re not seeing it, check your spam folder or get in touch with us.

You can choose between creating an account, or using a guest account to check out a one time purchase.

Email should be present inside ‘Junk’ folder. Please check that your email address is correct. Otherwise, please email us at

Exchanges, Refunds, Returns

While we understand that our coffee is not for everyone (there’s always those special few), we unfortunately do not take returns for our coffee products, due to its perishable nature. Please email us at and let us know what you were dissatisfied with. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you to ensure you and your taste buds are happy again.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchange on un-opened sale items or opened or unopened gift cards.

Like for like items: If you have changed your mind and want another item, the fastest way to ensure you get what you want, please follow the following steps: 

  1. Get in touch with us at to make us aware of the exchange by providing us with details such as order number and payment method. 
  2. Return the item as per instructions provided by us. We highly recommend sending the return as a tracked item so that the return can reach us and is verifiable. 
  3. Please note that you will pay for the delivery to return the item
  4. Once the return is accepted, we will issue a refund provided all details match our refund requirements
  5. You can then proceed to make a separate purchase for the new item.

Yes! Email us at with the order number, a photo of the purchase which was damaged. Additionally, if the box was also damaged, a photo of that can help us get information to our shipping partners. In case of an exchange, please confirm your address. 

Please check your order on delivery and contact us at immediately in case you received a wrong item, we can help resolve the issue and make it right. 

Yes. Please email

Can I change the delivery address after I already placed my ordered? Yes, but please email us at IMMEDIATELY with subject line: “ADDRESS CHANGE: Order #”. (The all caps is helpful since it scares us into acting fast and not shipping your order to the wrong address.)