Get a bundle any of 10 chocolates , same flavour or pick ‘n’ mix to suit your taste buds! Choose from Pure Dark, Raw White, Real Milk, Whole Hazelnuts, Smooth Cooffee & Caramel and Dark Choc Almond. There is something for all taste buds. All products are handpicked from our Fairtrade & Organic range which are are free from colours, suplhates, preservatives, palm oil , chemicals , added flavours and lecithins. All chocolate bars are 100gm each , except Smooth Coffee & Caramel which is 80gm.

Smug Cat Pick ‘n’ Mix any 10 Chocolate Bars


  • Smug Cat Raw White Chocolate - Net Wt 100g

    Our white chocolate is made with cocoa butter and bourbon vanilla.

    Pure organic cocoa butter and fine bourbon vanilla from Madagascar are the main ingredients in this masterpiece. The addition of premium quality milk powder from Switzerland and and Fairtrade cane sugar from South America makes this a delicious treat for the taste buds.


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  • Smug Cat Whole Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate - Net Wt 100g

    Our milk chocolate with 25% hazelnuts

    Gentle roasting gives the organic whole hazelnuts their intense nutty flavour and delicious crunchiness. Combining them with the sweet, melt in your mouth milk chocolate is what makes Smug Cat® Chocolate Co’s hazelnut milk chocolate a delicious nutty treat and a popular chocolate classic.

  • Smug Cat Dark Chocolate Almond 55% Cocoa - Net Wt 100g

    Not too dark , not too bitter a healthy , vegan delight.

    Our Dark chocolate is a creation of 55 % cocoa , bourbon vanilla and roasted almond pieces.
    Gentle roasting brings out an intense flavour of the organic almonds from Spain and makes them deliciously crunchy.
    Tasty pieces of almond, an exquisite dark chocolate with a hint of bourbon vanilla are what give this popular choice its smooth, nutty flavour. Even better as it contains only chocolate and almonds, making it suitable for vegans.

  • Smug Cat Smooth Coffee & Caramel Chocolate - Net Wt 80g

    One for coffee & chocolate lovers!

    Our smooth coffee & caramel chocolate is a perfect combination of premium quality cocoa beans and
    delicious coffee from Latin America which is complemented with crunchy caramel pieces.
    Great vegan alternative for milk chocolate lovers.


  • Smug Cat Pure Dark Chocolate 80% Cocoa - Net Wt 100g

    Our dark chocolate with 80% cocoa is created from high-quality Caribbean organic cocoa comes exclusively from Fairtrade cooperatives in the Dominican republic and Panama. A delicate, intense cocoa flavour with a tender melt characterizes this chocolate.

    Although Smug Cat®Chocolate Co’s Coco intense 80% has a high content of cocoa, the creation is convincing with a round balanced flavour profile.


  • Smug Cat Real Milk Chocolate 35% Cocoa - Net Wt 100g

    Our Real milk chocolate contains 35% cocoa.

    Premium quality organic milk powder from Switzerland, cocoa,
    cane sugar and ground hazelnuts are the key ingredients in
    Smug Cat® Chocolate Co’s fine milk chocolate.

    The finishing touch with a hint of bourbon vanilla brings
    out a smooth texture and gives this creation its distinctive
    creamy flavour.

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