Our Wake me up bundle contains coffees of all strengths . One for the family! Perfect start to any day with our Day Break ™158# . A full body coffee blended with hints of black currant, dark caramel, hints of citrus fruit and chocolate. Our Founders Blend™ 572# comes with best wishes from the Founders! Delicate & spicy, high in sweetness with hints of stone fruit, black berry & subtle cocoa finishing. Motorway Blend ™1958# is a coffee with high robusta content which gives this coffee a real kick! A balanced malty flavour with sweet nuttiness at the tip of the tongue. Roasters Pick™ 1661# is the strongest coffee from our selection. A delightful blend created by the experts! Strong and spicy with a creamy body. With hints of herbs, molasses and velvet dark chocolate it puts you in a Puurrfect mood. For a 250g coffee bag, average cost to prepare your brew with 7g coffee per cup is £0.40p whereas 10g coffee per cup will cost £0.57p

Smug Cat Wake Me Up! 4 x 250g Ground Coffee


  • Smug Cat Daytime Blend 158# Ground Coffee

  • Smug Cat Founders Blend™ 572# Ground Coffee

  • Smug Cat Motorway Blend™ 1958# Ground Coffee

  • Smug Cat Roasters Pick™ 1661# Ground Coffee


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