Smug Cat Dark Velvet 0207# Ground Coffee

£13.99 / month

A luxury for the taste buds! Highly aromatic with a rich taste,well-balanced body, low acidity, flavours of nuts & chocolate and an earthy finish.

For a 250g coffee bag,  average cost to prepare your brew with 7g coffee per cup is £0.40p whereas 10g coffee per cup will cost £0.57p.

About this coffee

Bean Composition
80% Arabica 20% Robusta
Dark, heavy and spicy
Roast Intensity
Medium Dark
Geographical Profile
Brazil Santos has a light to medium body yields a low acidity and has a very pleasant aroma. Robusta has an earthy note and is often said to have with a peanutty aftertaste. Ethiopia coffee has a well-balanced body and noticeable winey and spicy flavors, often fruit-toned, pleasantly sweet and vibrant with floral overtones.Latin America has a chocolate flavour with medium body and mild acidity, lastly tones of nuttyness.
Ground coffee
Vegan, vegetarian

The purrfect chocolate pairings

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