Smug Cat Motorway Blend™ 1958# Ground Coffee

£14.99 / month

Enjoy the fast lane! A high robusta content gives this coffee a real kick! A balanced malty, sweet nuttiness at the tip of the tongue.

For a 250g coffee bag,  average cost to prepare your brew with 7g coffee per cup is £0.40p whereas 10g coffee per cup will cost £0.57p.

About this coffee

Bean Composition
30% Arabica 70% Robusta
Malty, sweet nuttiness and well balanced
Roast Intensity
Medium Dark
Geographical Profile
Our Motorway Blend 1958# is dedicated to those who like a coffee that get’s them going for the day / night ahead. Our Brazil Santos is an excellent coffee, especially as a baseline for our blend as it adds a solid body and softness to the cup. The flavour palette of soft nuts, wheat, cocoa, chocolate and dried fruit give the coffee a complex flavour. Our Colombian coffee has a soft body, velvety taste and a smooth finish. The taste notes of berry, citrus fruit along with sugar browning gives our Roaster’s pick a unique flavour .The Indian Robusta beans add a rich velvety chocolate flavour with an earthy hint of spice and nuts. For those who love a strong cup of coffee, be it for a long day ahead or a long drive to a destination this coffee is perfectly balanced and can form the base for a Latte.
Ground coffee
Vegan, vegetarian

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